About products
About products

Guaranted Quality

The quality of manufactured products is controlled by the National Public Health Institute in Pristina who have signed a contract to control our products it 2 times a month, and within the enterprise have our laboratory where controlled products constantly.

Enterprise from the beginning, although holding a modern technology has continually increased the number of actors involved with the work and the total number of employees has reached 82.

Their structure is very high qualification as follows: 10 highly qualified, 60 medium-skilled and low-skilled 12.

Its management education and experience gained unquestioned faith enterprise customers and opened new paths of its development.

Plan future production of this company is very ambitious, and

claims to establish market dominance and high image of Kosovo and Albania and Macedonia's national market where we have quite successfully penetrated the international market.

Otherwise stated that value will be realized with a capacity of approximately

5,000,000 liters of liquids in containers of 1 l, and 20,000,000 units of liquids in containers of 0250 l to 2013 and an increase of 20% every year. This plan will be implemented through sales checkpoints that have:

1. In seven centers in Kosovo (Pristina, Prizren, Peja, Mitrovica, Prizren, Gnjilane and Gjakovë).
2. Representative in Albania, based in Tirana, Shkodra, Fier, Kukes
3. Representative in Macedonia, based in Struga and Tetovo.

Frutti NTP
Address: Reçan NN 23000 Prizren Republic of Kosovo
Kontakt: +377 44 317 467, +377 044 444 675 E-mail: info@frutti-ks.com
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