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About us

Frutti Enterprise

About us

Manufacturing commercial enterprise "FRUTTI" was established on 27.02.2003. And is continuation of NTPSH. "HIT-3." Because the previous enterprise customer identified by the name of our production "Frutti" so NTP "Frutti" isdescendant of "HIT-3" with all the rights and obligations.

The main activity of the company registered under UNMIK Regulation No. 2000/8 is:

- Production of natural juices,
- Production of mineral water,
- Production of carbonated fluids,
- Production of gas and water without gas,
- The production of milk and dairy products,
- Manufacture of beer
- The production of strong alcoholic beverages,
- Etc. ...

"Frutti" currently produces 12 types of natural fluids in containers of 1 liter and as many kinds of liquids in packing Combiblok and Tetrapak of 0.250 liter, liquids 0/330, lëngje.0/200 boom, juices in glass packing 0.175, 0.250, 0.750, also have worked in the expanding our assortments manufacturer with lactation 0.500 liter, 1 liter and nutrition of children in glass packing 0.175 lit.

Installation of equipment began in November 2000 and was completed in early April 2001. After the installation of modern technological device for the production of natural juices with a capacity of 7000 liters per hour from the world-renowned firm - COMBIBLOC from Germany, the professional staff of the company has successfully managed to start production in the second half of April 2001 .

In November 2002 is mounted device manufacturing Tetrapak natural juices and milk with vanilla, strawberry and qokollat ??0.250 liter packaging and

In August of 2003 is the second device mounted Tetrapak poshtu 0.250 liter packaging with a capacity of 3,000 liters per hour to two lines Tetrapak or 12000 pieces.

These two bands perform 0.250 liter packaging of juices and milk are produced by one of the largest producers in the world for the production of Tetra Pak equipment based in Sweden.

In July 2004, there has been mounting of the device SYMPAK glass packing 0.175 liter, 0.250 liter, 0.750 liter for the production of natural juices and children food production 0.175. With a capacity of 12,000 pieces per hour.

Installation of the device has been made ??from milk manufacturer Combiblok we packing of 0.500 liter and 1 liter with a capacity of 7000 liters per hour.

In May 2005 he was made ??installation of the device Combiblok for packing liquids production 0.200 liter, 0.250 liter and 0.330 liter of this format are the only manufacturer in Kosovo with a capacity of 2,000 liters or 6,000 pieces expressed.

In November 2005, has become the mounting of the device Combiblok to manufacture and jogutit liquids in containers of 0.500 liter and 1 liter in a packaging format and different from the classic design with a capacity of 7000 liters.

Frutti NTP
Address: Reçan NN 23000 Prizren Republic of Kosovo
Kontakt: +377 44 317 467, +377 044 444 675 E-mail: info@frutti-ks.com
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