Mission and Vision
Mission and Vision


Mission of NTP "Frutti" development strategy is its potential to express:

  • Reaching the highest point sustainable profitability,
  • Creation of skilled professional staff,
  • Creating an economic entity worthy of state support and joy economic development subsidies,
  • Increasing the number of workers who will work in a glamorous setting and perspective for their professional careers.

Key to succsess

Enterprise "Frutti" - will aim for her these parameters, which will serve as a means for measuring the success of its business:

1. Realization of high-level financial discipline (strict financial control),
2. Follow vazhdushme higher values ??of its products,
3.To loyalists that all the needs of consumers (customers are met and that they are fully satisfied with the products bleart of this enterprise,
4.Ekspanzioni the continuous development for the rounding of all fluids and dairy products.

Frutti NTP
Address: Reçan NN 23000 Prizren Republic of Kosovo
Kontakt: +377 44 317 467, +377 044 444 675 E-mail: info@frutti-ks.com
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