Frutti Enterprise

The company was established on the basis of applicable law in Kosovo and registration under Regulation UNMIK businesses.

It has a diversified production activities of which it can be seen to business activities.

Its market currently it lies in Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia, business results are quite satisfactory and have a constant trend growth.

The company was founded by a proven business worker, who value his scientific creativity has shown with great success in international markets.

Otherwise the company is led by a team of managers who proved their value in this short period of business of the company, during which were marked success respectable financial business.

If the trends of diversifying its products will continue under the current period, which project and its development vision draws domestic and foreign investors.

Increase its capacity, and the effectiveness of future business will enable gradual but permanent workforce and will contribute significantly to the reduction of relative backwardness of the region in which it works in particular enterprise and the municipality of Prizren in general .

Frutti NTP
Address: Reçan NN 23000 Prizren Republic of Kosovo
Kontakt: +377 44 317 467, +377 044 444 675 E-mail:
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